I just read Bible Gateway’s Verse of the day — what a great verse this is, I love it.

“If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your
children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit
to those who ask him!”- Luke 11:13

How true is that!? I love to bless my children.  Whether it is a toy, a special dessert/treat, etc, they get so happy and I’m blessed to bless them. These things are very little things but mean so much to them. How much MORE will our Father in Heaven bless us with the Holy Spirit–the best ‘thing’ He can give us!

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The other day, Jeremiah and I were working in our garden and he says “Mama, I love you.” And I smiled and asked “Why?” He said, “for the garden.” He loves the garden. He is learning responsibility–he helps me water it and pull grass/weeds up.  He is proud of the vegetables that are growing and is learning about how they grow and get bigger until we can pick them to eat. BUT more than the garden,  it is a chance for us to spend time together. I teach him and show him what is growing. He gets to help me. And we’re spending that time together, just him and me. And I knew all this when he told me “Mama, I love you…for the garden.” It just made me smile because I could see what was important to him.


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  • Jeff

    You are such a wonderful wife and mother! I often become so narrowly focussed on cultural issues and controversial subjects. Those things get me excited, but this story reminds me that it is far more important for me to participate in the excitement and wonder of my children. I will still stand up against the evil things of this world and shine the light of the gospel on then, but I have to remember to stop and smell the green peppers with my kids more than once in a while.

  • mikeswife

    Marli this is so sweet! I know what you mean about spending special time with your kiddos. I have so much loved the special times Zeke and I get to spend together. It is so much fun to sing to him because he laughs and dances and trys to sing along with me! I can act sooo goofy with him and he thinks I am so great! I am very grateful that God has allowed me to stay home with him so that I don’t miss these special moments!

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