Birthday cakes!
First taste of cake


See my birthday bow?
Attempt at using a fork.
What a mess! (so much for the fork)
K, I’m done.
Mommy & Brothers helping me open presents.
kissing (or maybe eating) the baby
Wow, she must really like that box! (it’s your stroller, Amy!)
Hi Daddy!
all the kids
Daddy doin’ his job
Riding my new pony, yeehaw!
My big brothers playing with my new purse and stroller!
All my presents!

Falling asleep in my high chair…
night night Birthday Girl…


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  • Crystal @ The Thrifty Mama

    Happy Birthday!! Yay!

    I wanted to ask you if you thought about creating a button for your All You deal. would be nice for people to be able to advertise about your deal in their side bars….hmmm….who would want to do that? hehe

    how’s about it girlie? wanna swap buttons? I know you’re a graphic person, so I’m sure you can make a good catchy button for the All You deal.

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