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Want a natural solution for weight loss? Young Living’s Slique products are essential oils and dietary fibers to promote weight loss by helping to manage satiation and boost metabolism.  I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils and have been loving using these oils in different ways in our home. My husband has been using the Slique Slim Caps for about a month and he is SOOO excited about this stuff.  He wrote the following review on his Facebook profile and I wanted to share it on my blog:

I don’t usually have the motivation to do this, but in this case, I am so excited that I must.

Slique is a weight management product by Young Living Essential Oils. The Slim Caps is a daily dose of three gelcaps, 1 liquid and 2 powder, containing all natural ingredients. It is not a weight loss pill. What it does is help manage satiation while increasing metabolism and hindering fat cell formation.

I don’t notice the last two effects, but I definitely experience the first. You can’t just take this to lose weight. Although, by taking this, you may naturally start eating less.

Slique_Slim_CapsI have already been using Slique Slim Caps for at least 30 days (I accidentally missed a couple of days). In the past, I have done Weight Watchers and successfully lost almost 50 pounds in just a few months. But that was a huge pain. First, I am not a huge planner and hated counting all of the calories, fat, and fiber in order to determine the number of points in a meal. Then I had to limit myself on everything. Eating a diet like this left me hungry all of the time and constantly thinking about food. You sort of get used to it, but not completely. I was pretty miserable. That’s why I eventually got tired and gave up.

The beauty of Slique is the satiation properties. I stop eating when I feel full. Not full as in stuffed, I’m just done–even when I love what I am eating! I have no problem pushing it aside. I did change my diet. I am what you might call a flexitarian. I eat mostly veggies (salads, rice and beans, fruits), but I eat with everyone else at dinner (usually something with chicken or pork). I cut out all of the sugar (except for what I put in my coffee) and junk food. Then I eat until I am satisfied.

I was 278 lbs a month ago. I am 262 today. I don’t feel hungry, I am never starving, I eat smaller portions, and I don’t miss anything. Since I cut out all of the sugar, fruits taste better and I put less sweetener in my coffee and tea. My “sweet tooth” is satisfied by things that are good for me.

Slique didn’t make me lose weight, but it helped me stick to my diet change without being miserable. The best part is that it began to work in less than a day. Remember how I missed a couple of days? I simply took Slique the following day, and it was like I didn’t miss a beat. For a person as scatterbrained as me, Slique is perfect.

278lbs is the heaviest I have ever been. March is the first time I have had to go up a size in clothes in probably 15 or 20 years. I began to exercise, but I wasn’t losing fat. I was always craving junk food and I didn’t feel full until I was over-full. I dreaded the feelings of starvation that come with weight loss dieting. But, Marli Creeach got into Young Living essential oils and I decided to try the Slique Slim Caps. I couldn’t recommend any product more.

If you have had trouble losing or even managing your weight, then you should try Slique Slim Caps for a month and see what it does for you. When your diet is miserable, this is the supplement you need.


1 Liquid Cap contains:

1. Citral (a constituent found in lemongrass and lemon myrtle essential oil–supposed to increase metabolic activity while decreasing appetite triggers)

2. Punicic Acid (a beneficial acid found in pomegranate seed oil)

2 Powder Caps each contain:

1. Glucomannan (a soluble dietary fiber derived from the konjac root that can induce feelings of fullness and decrease appetite–it definitely does this for me)

2. Ecuadorian ocotea leaf (a plant traditionally used by natives for overall wellness)

3. Fucoxanthin (a carotenoid found in brown seaweed)

We’ll have to start taking some comparison pictures!

If you’d like to give Slique a try, you can order online or contact me. (Become a retail customer — or even sign up to be a distributer and buy it wholesale!) – Use my ID 2349973 under Sponsor/Enroller.

Young Living has a Slique in 60 Pledge: “If you try any Slique product kit for 60 consecutive days, we promise that you will see a change for the better! If you are not satisfied, we will give you a product credit equal to the amount of your purchase.” So give it a try!

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