In Faith

For years, I have struggled with how to hear God…I mean I know I hear him in my heart very subtly. But when I hear stories of conversations with God…I wanted to understand and experience that.

One day I was driving and I asked God about something, I felt like I got an answer but wasn’t sure if that “still small voice” was the Lord or just me. So I asked Him…”Lord, how do I know that this is Your voice and not just me?” Again, that still small voice, which was like a whisper in my heart,n…He said something like “You may put it into the words and thoughts in your mind, but I have put the knowing and wisdom in your heart.” Of course, right now i”m trying to remember exactly what these thoughts were and can only remember the gist of it.

That is why it is SO important to KNOW the Word of God. People may ask, why should we memorize scripture if I can look it up anytime. Well, if we know and HIDE HIS WORD IN OUR HEART, when we speak to Him, ask Him things, seek His Guidance, the Holy Spirit will bring a scripture, or passage, to your mind. If you don’t know the Word, how will you recognize that?

So now I ask Him questions and speak to Him, listening for that still small voice that I probably ignored in the past.

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