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This is a quote from an ebook called “Handmaidens of the Lord” by Crystal Paine. Although I have not read the book (yet) I did see this quote on her site on
I think there is much truth spoken in this passage of her book…

Being a wife, mother, and homemaker is not a very highly esteemed profession in our current culture. I’ve even been told that to be “just” a wife and mom is to live with “half your brain tied behind your back.” For some reason, our society finds it completely acceptable to be a teacher or a nanny for other people’s children, but to teach or care for your own children full-time is not a “real” job… Despite popular opinion or what the feminists may want us to believe, being a daughter, sister, wife, and/or mother is the greatest profession any woman can have. A woman who stands behind her man (be that a husband or a father) and seeks to make him successful is so much more powerful than any woman who stands on her own. A woman who devotes the bulk of her time and energy to motherhood or caring for and loving little children is shaping the next generation. All the glitter, wealth, fame, and academic achievements in this world cannot compare to these noble callings. -Handmaidens of the Lord 

I pray the the Lord helps me to be the wife and mom He desires me to be. And I pray that any of you who have this call upon your life will be blessed as you bless your husband and children. Let us teach our children what is most important in this life; let us train them in the way that is right.

I know there are so many things I need to improve on and change…right now that is a schedule. Sometimes things come up and it gets my whole schedule out of whack. I guess that is ok, you just have to deal with it and get back on track.  The important thing is that I keep my priorities in order. That I am honoring and pleasing my husband, praying for him.
That my children are receiving what they need from me, whether that is just attention or something more physical, that they are happy, that they are being taught about who God is and how to pray and worship. Also that my home is kept in order…when my home is in order everyone is less stressed. I know where everything is so I am not searching frantically for something when someone needs it. And honestly it can be frustrating being the only one who really spends time doing this in a family of five. The boys are now getting old enough that I need to teach them this as well and make them responsible for their toys and the clothes in their room. (This is easier said than done!!!).

This is somewhat off the topic but while I am thinking about it, I believe it is so important for families to eat dinner together at a table. I love to cook for my husband (if it were not for him, I don’t know what I’d cook for just me and the kids!). I choose my meals based on what he and I would like and the kids eat what I cook. (If I cooked what the kids wanted, they’d be eating macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets every night!)  I will NOT prepare different meals just because they do not want what is placed in front of them. I personally believe that if we offer our kids the food we are eating and train them to eat what Mommy cooks, we will end up with less picky kids. I’m not saying they will not dislike anything, we all dislike something. Sometimes I am very surprised at what they eat on their plate. Had I not given them a little of everything, I would never have known and they would never have tried it. Also, my two boys have different tastes…Jeremiah is not a big fan of red meat and likes veggies and loves salad! Jacob is our meat-eater! I still make sure to give them both a balanced meal and encourage them to at least try it. I do NOT believe they should be forced to “finish their plate”…that just leads to a habit of overeating!

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