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I was driving to CVS to drop off a prescription and heard a little bit of a radio program called Hope for the Heart with June Hunt. I’ve never listened to it before but what I heard really struck me! So let me share it with you…

Sometimes I feel that there is just not enough time in my day to get everything done…come on, I know I am not alone here!! 🙂 And that is exactly what she is talking about here. Now, God will not give me more than I can bear, so am I doing only what God has desired for me to do…or have I, as June Hunt said,taken on more than what God intended? It may not be bad, but is it designed by God? I may love everything I do, but the key is to prioritize what God has given me to do and dismiss the things that I should not be doing. There may be a time for that later.

So, since God will not require more of me than I can bear and he has supplied all the time I need, if I am not getting it all done, I must be trying to do more than He desires of me. What it all comes down to is honoring Him with my time.

Whoever keeps a command will know no evil thing, and the wise heart will know the proper time and the just way. For there is a time and a way for everything, although man?s trouble lies heavy on him.
Ecclesiastes 8:5-6

The Lord also reminded me that the biblical principle of sowing and reaping also applies to our time. If I give God my ‘firstfruits’, if I put Him first in my day, then He will bless and multiply the time I have sown with Him.

I need to go and listen to the whole thing because I am sure there is so much more I need to hear! You can listen to this broadcast on Procrastination here.

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