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As wives, we are called to be intercessors! (And mommies too!) It is kind of funny the way the Lord has been speaking this to me because I had never thought of myself as an “intercessor”… I mean, of course are all called to pray & intercede for people, but I had thought of being an “intercessor” more as someone with a spiritual gift than a calling. Yes, I believe certain people have a strong anointing as intercessors and that could be a spiritual gift, but I also know and believe that we are all called to intercede!

About 3 1/2 years ago, someone was praying for me and referred to me as an intercessor…I kind of dismissed it thinking to myself that this was not really me, but ok. I feel that I am coming to understand and embrace that now. (I’m sure glad God is patient and persistent!)

Over the last several weeks, I have had a strong desire to pray for my husband. The Lord keeps showing me different ways to pray for him. It is something I keep hearing more of, from others – and from God. Even yesterday, a friend was encouraging me to be praying over him for a certain situation in our lives.

It is amazing to me, the power of a praying wife. Soon after I begin praying for him for something specific, God will show me how my prayers are effective. I will see it in something he says or does. That is encouraging and reminds me to just keep praying! Prayer will do more than any words I could say… I can’t change any circumstances or situations myself and I don’t even know what is best for us, but God does and he can.

I encourage you, wives, if you are not already, begin praying for your husbands…if you are, I encourage you to remain steadfast and watch what the Lord does. Pray and expect results. Pray the word of God into His life. There is ALWAYS something you can pray for him.

Here are some things you could be praying over your husbands:

  • that you, as his wife, would support, edify, encourage and honor him; be his helpmate!
  • health
  • spiritual growth/intimacy with the Father (or salvation!)
  • that God would be his strength
  • that God would bless and reward him for his hard work and perseverance (our hubbies are not always loving their jobs but they do them to take care of our families, what a responsibility!)
  • favor in their workplace and with colleagues, co-workers, etc.
  • peace
  • their fatherhood…That he would reflect the Father as a father to your children
  • pray for their struggles (If he is not usually open to tell you his struggles and weaknesses–which is understandable; who is?!–then ask the Lord to show you how to pray, to points out things during your day and when you are with your husband, and to bring that intimacy between the two of you)

What other things can we pray for our husbands? leave a comment!

I recommend the book Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartion – I think I need it read it again for this season that I am in! I read it when we first got married in 2003 so I am sure there is so much in it that will resonate within me that I did not notice before!

Remember, you are his #1 intercessor!

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