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“We must accept that this creative pulse within us is God’s creative pulse itself.” -Joseph Chilton Pearce

God has really been opening doors for us with Shekinah Arts and proving His faithfulness and I might even say we are walking in His favor right now in our little business, and I intend to honor God with what He has given us. I never want to forget why this business exists, who it exists for and even, how it exists. It is ALL for His Glory and His Kingdom! We are helping to build the Kingdom by equipping churches and ministries in their media, (and even social media marketing) and we will be His Light in the darkness.

Creative Matters

I ran across this through Collide Magazine and of course, immediately, went to download it. (Did I see “free” and “creative”? That’s definitely for me!)


Oh. My. Goodness.

I recommend this book to anyone creative or not. Actually, I believe everyone is creative whether they realize it or not; maybe we have different levels of creativity or different areas of creativity, but

God is a creative God and we were created to be creative!

So, I downloaded this book and really, I haven’t read it yet. I confess. But I skimmed through the first few pages to see what it was about and WOW!

In their preface they describe what the book is about and why it was written. They end with this:

We reject Copy and Paste. We reject settling. We reject excuses. We reject creative atrophy. You were created for more. You were created to create. You matter. Your work matters. Creative Matters.

WOW! Again!

So go download the Creative Matters e-book (pdf) by Clark for FREE and enjoy!

OK, So I’m going to be reading this and keeping it accessible for sure! Loading it onto my iPhone so I can read in bed 😉

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