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The Word the Lord has given me for 2015 is REFOCUS. I’ve been meditating on that for almost a month, now I’m ready to say it “out loud.


2015-01-24-11.38.51-300x300I wasn’t exactly sure at first, where I needed to refocus. But I feel now that as I walk through this year with the Lord, He will show me various areas, in which I need to REfocus. There are lots of areas I jotted down that I could refocus in…  He probably knows I can’t handle it all at once, so we’ll just take one at a time. Ha! The first one He’s taking me through is Generosity…stay tuned.

This morning, I found myself skimming through all my old journals and notebooks looking for a particular Word that was spoken over me. (The importance of journaling, folks!) These notebooks are from a very special season in my life… a time when I was most intimate with the Lord, growing in knowledge of Spiritual Things. The pages are filled with Words spoken over me and that I had given, revelations from studying the Word and prayers I had written. Often, I remember this season and miss it… the people, the growth, etc.

However, as I was reminiscing, the Lord spoke to me and said “There is More Beyond…” While I was yearning for that special season I had in the past, I know I can’t live there. There is more. I need to press in. I need to REfocus.

I’ve been complacent where I am… staying busy, just getting by, doing lots of things. But  I haven’t been as deep as I was in that season. I am holy discontent and it’s time to move beyond.

While these journals are filled with deep revelations and prophetic words and all that awesomeness, it is also filled with prayers of desperate cries to God for help and provision and deliverance. WOW… what He has done since then. We’ve grown so much in our lives. He’s blessed us with more than we can imagine. He’s provided jobs that we never thought of. He’s grown us in so many ways. So, I am thankful I am no longer there in that season. We can’t stay in one season forever. I am so thankful for these years, the people that poured into our lives, that God had a plan to prosper us and take us on a journey we could not see.

So here’s to #REfocus2015…let’s do this.

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